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Fears virtual horse races may pose a new gambling threat to WA amid TAB sale reform

A man raises his arms in celebration while riding a pixelated horse. When the ABC revealed in 2016 the previous Barnett government was considering allowing a gaming machine expansion, including electronic horse racing as part of a potential TAB sale, Mr McGowan was highly critical. "All that will mean, is more people will pour their money into those machines, … particularly those on pensions, and those who can least afford it, will lose money," Mr McGowan said at the time. "It brings some of those social ills, in particular gambling addictions and the like that we've seen in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland now for decades to Western Australia. "It is a very, very disturbing development and I oppose it absolutely." Mr Holt, who was the racing and gaming minister in 2016, said it was the height of hypocrisy for Mr McGowan to now have changed his mind. He claimed Mr McGowan's decision to "play politics" with a potential TAB sale when he was opposition leader had likely delayed the sale and all the while the state asset had lost value and therefore cost taxpayers money. "The Government's spent another $400,000-plus on consultants just to kick the can down the road for another six months, I think that's playing politics," Mr Holt said. External Link:The object of virtual horse race "games" is to predict the winner. Acting WA Liberal Leader Liza Harvey said her party would wait to see the details of what the Government proposed, but labelled the move "pokies by stealth". "The last thing we need right now is to provide more opportunities for people to gamble, particularly when people are already coming to terms with household fees and charges and paying mortgages on houses that have lost value," Ms Harvey said. "Opening up more opportunities for people to gamble is fraught with danger." Strict rules to govern virtual games: Wyatt Mr McGowan's office referred queries on the matter to Treasurer Ben Wyatt's office. In a statement, Mr Wyatt said allowing virtual racing products would increase a new TAB operator's ability to support the racing industry.

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